Does your company have employees who need Norwegian language training?

There is an option for your company to receive financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Education. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the application criteria.

How and when can you apply for funds from the Kompetansepluss program?

Please contact me through the application form on my website, and I will take care of all the formalities of the application. The deadline to apply for 2024 support is December 12, 2023. I encourage you to contact me before November 2023 to ensure a timely application.

When and where will the courses for which the application was successfully approved take place?

You will receive a response to your application in February or March 2024.

Where will the classes be held?

Lessons are held online or at your business location or other convenient location (Oslo and Viken). Lessons can be scheduled during the day, in the evening or on weekends, according to your preferences and my availability.

How many hours of training can I receive and by when must the course be completed?

We can apply for 50, 100 or 150 classroom hours. As a rule, most courses end in the year in which the funds are allocated. Completion of courses and submission of reports for 2024 is in the fall of 2025.

How many people attend such a course?

The minimum number of participants is 5 people. In case of a smaller number of employees, your proposal will be combined with another company in a similar industry to reach the minimum number of participants.

Is there a fee for the course?

The courses are free of charge for companies that receive a successful application. However, as part of the course, the company must cover its share of the costs, such as the necessary educational materials, for example, a textbook. If the course is held off-site, the cooperating company must also cover the cost of renting the premises.

Registration for a Norwegian language course with funding through the Kompetansepluss program. In your message, please write in as much detail as possible regarding the number of employees and your preferred meeting place (online/company headquarters in Oslo and Viken)

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