All of the courses I offer will prepare you very well for any state exam in Norwegian language and knowledge (for example, Statsborgerprøven). My years of experience from state and private work have given me the opportunity to learn about Norskprøve and Statsborgerprøven from the inside, including the grading criteria for each level.

All lessons are recorded.
Each student receives additional e-learning platforms with hundreds of tasks at A1-B2 levels.

Homework assigned after each meeting.
Stress-free learning, contact with live language, not just textbook language 🙂

I am a graduate of University of Oslo and the University of Bergen - studies in teaching, pedagogy, teaching Norwegian as a second language, testing and examination of Norwegian language skills. All studies were in Norwegian. In addition, I received training (language teaching, multicultural communication, psychology)at the University of Cambridge in the UK, Oxford University and MiT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

I am a teacher by training and an educator with a specialization in teaching Norwegian, I work as a teacher in one of the state schools in Norway, and my passion and interest in bilingualism has been recognized by Anthonsstiftelsen. I received an award for promoting bilingualism and being a role model for multilingual youth in Norway. I have been teaching for many years, as well as helping foreign students at the University of Oslo acquire Norwegian.


Group course offerings starting in May:

A1.1 no places25.05.2023-29.06.2023Thursdays17:00-19:003399 NOK
A1.1 no places27.05.2023-01.07.2023Saturdays12:00-15:003399 NOK
A1.2 extra group!!!23.05.2023-27.06.2023Tuesdays17:00-19:003399 NOK
A1.2 no places22.05.2023-26.06.2023Mondays19:00-21:203399 NOK
A1.2 no places28.05.2023-02.07.2023Sundays13:00-15:003399 NOK
A2.1 no places24.05.2023-28.06.2023Wednesdays17:00-19:003399 NOK
A2.1 no places28.05.2023-02.07.2023Sundays10:00-13:003399 NOK
A2.2 1 vacancy25.05.2023-29.06.2023Thursdays19:00-21:203399 NOK
A2.2 vacancies28.05.2023-02.07.2023Sundays17:00-20:003399 NOK
B1.1 2 vacancies27.05.2023-01.07.2023Saturdays09:00-12:003399 NOK
B1.2 2 vacancies24.05.2023-28.06.2023Wednesdays19:00-21:203399 NOK
B1.2 3 vacancies26.05.2023-30.06.2023Fridays17:00-19:003399 NOK
B2.1 2 vacancies23.05.2023-27.06.2023Tuesdays19:00-21:203399 NOK

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