As the only Norwegian language school for Poles, I have approval from the Direktoratet for høyere utdanning og kompetanse, or the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Competence, which is confirmation of my HIGHEST teaching qualifications and the HIGHEST quality of teaching Norwegian language and social studies. 📚🌟

I am a university lecturer in Norwegian at the University of Oslo and I am involved in Norwegian language examinations , both written and oral. However, my passion for teaching began many years ago. I graduated from the University of Oslo, OsloMet and the University of Bergen, where I focused on teaching Norwegian as a second language and testing and examining this skill. All of my studies were in Norwegian. To broaden my skills, I attended training courses in language teaching, intercultural communication and psychology at Cambridge University, Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In addition to working at the University, I am also a teacher at a public school in Norway. I teach a wide range of subjects every day, including Norwegian and mathematics. For my work, I have been awarded by Anthonsstiftelsen for promoting bilingualism and setting a model for multilingual youth in Norway.

I cordially invite you to join my course!

With my experience, knowledge and passion, we will have a great opportunity to learn and grow.

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