Norsk for alle is the only Norwegian language school for Poles officially approved by the Direktoratet for høyere utdanning og kompetanse, or Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Competence. Receiving this approval attests to the highest teaching qualifications and the quality of the Norwegian language and social studies classes taught.

I am a university lecturer at the University of Oslo and an oral and written Norwegian language examiner, but my passion for teaching began many years ago. I have studied teaching, pedagogy, teaching Norwegian as a second language and Norwegian language testing and examination at the University of Oslo, OsloMet and the University of Bergen. All my studies were in Norwegian.

In addition to my work at the University, I am also an educator at a state school in Norway, where I teach a number of subjects every day, including Norwegian language and mathematics. For my work, I have been awarded by Anthonsstiftelsen for promoting bilingualism and becoming a role model for multilingual youth in Norway.

Wszystkie zajęcia w Norsk for alle odbywają się ze mną. Po ukończeniu kursu otrzymujesz dokument z logo Dyrektoriatu ds. Szkolnictwa Wyższego i Kompetencji oraz Norsk for alle jako potwierdzenie odbytych godzin nauki ze mną. Wszystkie godziny sa uznawane przy aplikacji o permanent oppholdstillatelse, jako zatwierdzone godziny nauki jezyka norweskiego.
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Courses offered in December 2023

Course A1.1 no vacanciesśrody w terminie: 13.12-07.0219:15-21:30Click here
Course A1.1 no vacanciesniedziele w terminie: 10.12-11.0217:00-19:15Click here
Course A1.2 no vacancieswtorki w terminie: 12.12-06.0219:15-21:30Click here
Kurs A1.2 2 no vacanciesniedziele w terminie: 10.12-11.0214:00-16:15Click here
Course A2.1 no vacanciesczwartki w terminie: 13.12-08.0217:00-19:15Click here
Course A2.1 no vacanciessoboty w terminie: 09.12-10.0211:00-13:00Click here
Course A2.2 no vacanciesponiedziałki w terminie: 11.12-05.0219:15-21:30Click here
Course A2.2 no vacanciesniedziele w terminie: 10.12-11.0211:30-13:45Click here
Course B1.1 no vacanciesśrody w terminie: 13.12-07.0217:00-19:15Click here
Course B1.1 no vacanciesniedziele w terminie: 10.12-11.0209:00-11:15Click here
Course B1.3 no vacanciesponiedziałki w terminie: 11.12-05.0217:00-19:15Click here
Course B1.2 no vacanciesczwartki w terminie: 13.12-08.0219:15-21:30Click here
Course B1.2 no vacancieswtorki w terminie: 12.12-06.0217:00-19:15Click here
Liczba miejsc ograniczona.
Przerwa swiateczna w terminie 22.12-31.12

The next round of courses is planned for February 2024.
The offer will be published in December, enrollment opens on the 10th of December 2023.

Information about courses

All classes are live, allowing students to participate in dynamic interaction. What's more, each lesson is recorded, allowing students to freely revisit the material in case of absence. In addition, as part of the course price, participants receive access to an e-learning platform that contains hundreds of Norwegian language tasks. These tasks are modeled after the Norskprøve exam tests, ensuring solid preparation for the exam.

At the end of each meeting, participants receive materials, including a recorded lesson, homework, and notes. All of these materials are delivered directly to the trainees via email, providing them with convenient access to knowledge and materials.

Each course consists of 24 lesson hours.

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