Online course B1.2 (Thursdays, December)


An online course for learners of Norwegian who have mastered material equivalent to level B1.1

Classes are held on Thursdays in the term: 07.12-01.02 from 19:15-21:30

Christmas break from 22.12-07.01  

Classes taught by a lecturer and examiner of oral and written Norwegian at the University of Oslo.



Online Norwegian language course at B1.2 level
Classes are held in live mode with a lecturer and additionally Students receive additional materials for their own work. The materials are included in the course price.

Who is this course for?
- for people who want to expand their language skills in Norwegian
- for people who can devote time outside of classes to their own work
- for people who have studied Norwegian at B1.1 level
- for people who are ready for intensive study weeks
- for people who plan to take the Norskprøve exam (and more!)

In the course price you receive:
- access to licensed e-learning platforms that are modeled after the Norskprøve exam
- recordings of the classes, so you won't miss anything if you can't attend a lesson
- homework
- a diploma for completing the course (requirement: active attendance at 80% of classes)

In class, we learn through fun, quizzes, games, discussions, videos and active conversations. We practice reading by reading texts and dialogues, and we expand our vocabulary by working with texts, listening assignments and discussions. We write written texts largely at home, which I check after class and send back with comments to the student.

In the second part of the B1 level, you will learn:

    • Vocabulary expansion: You learn more vocabulary in various fields such as labor, real estate, environment, climate, etc. You gain more precision in expressing your thoughts and opinions.
    • Grammatical constructions: you will learn more complex grammatical constructions, such as the affirmative mode, conditional sentences of type 3, constructions with "burde", "skulle", "måtte", etc. You will be able to create more complex and grammatically correct sentences.
    • Expressing cause and effect: You learn to express cause, effect and consequence in Norwegian using appropriate structures and expressions.
    • Understanding Norwegian in a variety of contexts: You work on understanding more advanced texts such as articles, interviews, reports, literature and other sources. You improve your ability to pick up relevant information and understand hidden meanings.
    • Active conversation: you will practice active participation in conversations on a variety of topics, both general and specialized. You will learn to express opinions, argue, negotiate and give more detailed answers.
    • Copywriting: You improve your ability to write more elaborate texts, such as complaints, reviews, etc. You also learn to structure your thoughts and use different style forms.