Individual classes - a package of 10 hours


Individual lessons are tailored to your needs. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.

Class times and days are arranged directly with the student. When signing up, please write a message with information about your preferred days and hours of classes (I will try to adapt to the given dates, but it is not guaranteed that the lessons will take place on the days selected by the Student).

The 10-hour package must be taken within 3 months from the date of purchase of the individual package. Classes not taken within this period will not be refunded. 

No vacancies.

Tomt på lager


With whom will you have lessons?

I am a university lecturer at the University of Oslo and an oral and written Norwegian language examiner, but my passion for teaching began many years ago. I am a graduate of the University of Oslo, OsloMet, and the University of Bergen, where I studied teacher education, teaching Norwegian as a second language, and Norwegian language testing and examination. All my studies were in Norwegian.
In addition to my work at the University, I also work as an educator at a state school in Norway, where I teach a number of school subjects on a daily basis, including Norwegian and mathematics. For my work, I have been awarded by Anthonsstiftelsen for promoting bilingualism and being a role model for multilingual youth in Norway.
You can find out more about me on my Facebook page, read what my Students say about me:
All my Students receive higher scores on the state exams than they expected.